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Dog×Police motion picture poster.jpg

Notice publicizing this film in Japan

Coordinated by Go Shichitaka

Delivered by Takahiro Sato

Starring Hayato Ichihara

Erika Toda

Jun Murakami



Shinnosuke Abe

Saburo Tokito



Japan NTV

Disseminated by Toho

Discharge date

October 1, 2011

Running time

104 minutes

Country Japan

Language Japanese

Box office $8,976,044[1]

Dog×Police is a 2011 Japanese movie coordinated by Go Shichitaka,[2] about an uncommon division of the Japanese police drive which utilizes prepared pooches in instances of fear based oppression, rough wrongdoing, and protect missions.[3][4] The film depends on the novel by Yoichi Komori.[5]


Yusaku Hayakawa (Hayato Ichihara) longed for one day turning into a criminologist. Rather, he currently fills in as a coach for police hounds at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. At some point, Yusaku gets an Albino Shepherd named Shiro whom others say can never turn into a police hound because of a hereditary issue. By the by, Yusaku and Shiro wind up joined as he prepares Shiro to end up a protect hound. Some of the time monitor hounds are treated as gear and different occasions required to wind up a human shield, yet Yusaku and female cop Natsuki (Erika Toda) are against this. A progression of blasts at that point happen as a sequential plane strikes Tokyo.


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