Monday, January 8, 2018

Choose dog child well: it deserves reflection!

ABien choose child creature

The dog

When we adopt a puppy, we go for ten or fifteen years of collective life. A good reason not to give in to the purchase "upset of heart" of a pretty little dog confession in showcase ...


1     To choose dog child, take the time to find out

2    Where to find the dog you need

A dog is not a stuffed animal and like any social creature, he must live in the presence of his own to flourish. In other words, if you think you need to be absent all day long for your work or recovery, travel standard and standard in the coming years, give up your project immediately. A dog that we do not have time to take care of properly, can develop behavioral inconveniences and make you hellish. In addition, he will be himself unhappy ...

To choose dog child, take the time to find out

Choose dog What mode of life do you have to offer? Apartment or house with garden? Even if you have a park, your dog still needs to go out every day to meet people and other people. It must also be able to devote time for his walks. But on the other hand on this side, do not rely too much on your children: they have playmate promise to take care of it, the experience shows that before 12 years, we can not really count on their regularity! Other factors to consider: the dog's character. Standard example, if you live in the city, choose a breed deemed little "talkative" not to embarrass your neighbors.

Think about the spending plan: with the purchase, a dog costs from 100 to 150 euros if you adopt it in an asylum, but up to 1,500 euros, even more, for a dog of race with a family. In this case, beware if on the sales contract, it is stipulated that it is a "compound X puppy" instead of "X race puppy". This desperate that the origin of the guardians is more than doubtful. In addition, dog owners spend on average 385 euros a year in industrial products (sustenance, sleeping, toys) and much more for a large dog. Add to this the price of an electronic chip (from EUR 35 to EUR 80), annual vaccine costs (between EUR 40 and EUR 70), the costs of treating it against parasites (EUR 40 to EUR 70), those of a sterilization (130 to 450 EUR for a bitch, 75 to 200 EUR for a male) and do your accounts to see if you can assume ...

Where to find the dog you need

Begin standard seeking advice from a veterinarian and breed club presidents. Visit several farms before making your choice (addresses on Check that puppies live in good hygienic conditions, that they look healthy - the billowing coat, the keen eye, the clean posterior - and that they are well socialized. For this, they must have repeated contacts with other animals (dogs of different sizes, visits, and so on.) And humans of all ages and both genders. A well-socialized puppy recognizes himself abreast as he runs towards you, stirring the line or pretending to play. You can also find a nice pet dog in an asylum, but ask what was the abandonment theme to not make the same mistakes.

Provided you take time to really find the dog that compares you, your creature will only bring you happiness!


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