Monday, January 8, 2018


Artificial! While it may seem less agreeable than a dog, talk is not a solitary creature. Indeed, they need companionship. If you teach him to be agreeable from child in addition to young age and if he is lucky to be close to others of his congeners, once adult he will be a perfect companion, see maybe even a little pot of glue ! But it can also depend on the personality: some talks are very sociable without you having to teach him while others will always have a soul of solitaire, although they will be approached. It's like humans are born!

Idea received on the talk n ° 2: The visit always falls on its paws

True and fake! Indeed, less than 1m50 in height, the talk will not necessarily have the time to turn to adopt its best act. The visit manages to evaluate the remove between the floor and himself and he gets to get ready for the reception. If the remove is too short, the ground impact will be much in addition to post. But between 1m50 and a floor, the visit will always fall on its feet!

Myth # 3: I'm allergic to visit hair

Artificial! You are not allergic to talk hairs but to saliva and secretions from some of your glands. And as the talk makes his toilet licking his body, he inevitably lays saliva on her hair!

Idea received on the visit n ° 4: The talks do not get along with the dogs

False! It depends on the character of each creature, but it is also a question of socialization and education. In addition the animals are young and in contact with animals other than their breed, in addition to which they will be enthused to them.

Idea received on the talk n ° 5: A visit, that claw!

True and fake. Once, it depends on the socialization, character, education and personality of the talk. Some visitors will never raise the claw on you, while others, more fearful and temperamental, will give it to heart. If your talk is in the second category, you can cut his claws but by following a certain process not to hurt him.

Idea received on the talk n ° 6: The visit is unhappy in apartment

Fake! A talk is unfortunate when nobody cares for him. To make your indoor visit happy, you need to make sure that it can express child's natural and feline behavior. Know that the talk worship the hiding places where he can spectator, he loves to climb (for that a tree to visit is a good elective) and he likes to hunt (toys in the shape of mouse can satisfy it).

Idea received on the talk n ° 7: It is necessary to give milk to my visit

False! Visits do not digest milk and this causes intestinal inconveniences. If you still want to give it, you can dilute it with water (less than a quarter of milk for more than 3/4 water).

Idea received on the talk n ° 8: A visit, it sleeps all the day!

False! Even if a visit can sleep in addition to 16 hours standard day, it is nonetheless that it plays, hunt, watch, eat, and so forth ... On average, the talk sleeps between 12 am and 4 pm standard day Beyond that, you have to worry about it, it lacks activity and it can be a depression.


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