Monday, January 8, 2018

An insurance for my dog

To subscribe an affirmation for child dog is a good idea. Moreover, it is mandatory for dogs called dangerous 1st and 2nd category: it is in this case insurance liability. But, confront the many offers available, how to choose? The manage to choose a confirmation for child dog.


1   Liability confirmation

2   Medical confirmation

3   The focuses to check

Happy owner of a dog, you want to get a confirmation to protect him and also protect you. However, facing the different offers available, you ask a few questions? Between civil liability and health insurance, which one to choose? Or should we take both?

Affirmation of civil liability

As a reminder, Article 1385 of the common code states that "the owner of a creature, or the one who uses it, while he is at child use, is responsible for the damage that the animal has caused, that is the animal was under his care, whether he was lost or escaped. " This desperate that as a dog owner, your liability is engaged and you must therefore repair the damage that your creature emanation caused to a level. The good news is that you can protect yourself by subscribing to a liability claim that covers your dog. In this way, it is the insurer who will compensate the victim to your put. But consideration, in case of occasional guard, this civil responsibility is transferred to the person who keeps your dog. It is good to know, that in principle, multi-risk home insurance provides a civil liability cover that covers pets. So remember to check your contract and tell your insurer that you have a dog. This step will save you from getting a confirmation for dog and pay twice for the same benefit, unless your dog is one of the so-called dangerous dogs of 1st or 2nd category (attack and defense dogs). For these, you have the obligation to contract a specific liability confirmation, self they are not covered standard multi-home. It should be noted that hunting dogs benefit from a special liability insurance plan.


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